As every programmer puts it when they write there first program, “Hello World!”.beginnings

I have been wanting to start a professional blog site for the past several years now so here I am.  I have spent a lot of time getting this blog up and here it is, finally here and live.

When I started down the path of build this blog I kept thinking to myself what am I going to write about?  What are the goals of my blog site?  Will people find my content interesting?  These seem like simple questions but I can honestly say I had to sit and ponder these things for a while.  So before I actually explain the goals of this site, let me give you some back story how I got to this point.

My Back Story

Until about a year ago I stumbled upon a pair of videos from Scott Hanselman that talks about the whole idea that developers should embrace social networking and more specifically each developer should have a blog.  If you are a developer and have been thinking about the idea of starting a professional blog, then watch these two videos from Scott Hanselman.

Found Video: Social Networking for Developers and Making Your Blog Suck Less

Scott Hanselman basically goes on to say that each developer will only type a finite amount of characters in their lifetime.  With that said, each time you share your knowledge as a developer you might only share it with a few people.  So lets say you created some code that solves a really tough problem.  If you write only one email and share it with five people, only those five people will see the message and if no one forwards on the message it might be lost forever.  This is why I think blogs are a great medium for developers, because it allows knowledge and ideas to live on after the message has been shared.

What should my blog be about?

Well that’s simple, especially after watching the videos above.  My professional blog will be about my experiences.  I swear I learn something new every day and I think that is what makes a good developer these days.  But, I think what takes you from being just a good developer to a GREAT developer is that you share your knowledge and teach others what you have learned.

This brings me to my second point what this blog will be about, a conversation with other developers.  I want to engage with others in the community, share my knowledge, and learn from others as well.

What are the goals of my blog site?

When it comes to goals its all about being concrete and measurable.  So I will be very transparent about my goals, at least for the next year.

My Goals for the Next 12 Months

  1. Get 1000 Unique Visitors to my blog site in 1 month
  2. Get 1000 people to sign-up to my RSS blog feed
  3. Write 1 post per week with at least a total of 50 blog post by the end of 2014

To meet or exceed these goals I need to have certain things in place that will ensure I can get there.  So this where I introduce my next plug to Scott Hanselman.

Blog Interesting – 32 Ways to Keep your Blog from Sucking

I found this to be a great set of guidelines for my developer blog so far and if you already have a developer blog started, I suggested reading these over.  At the end of 2013 I will measure my results and see how well I did.

Overall, I want this to be an enjoyable blog for others to read, but I know I have a long road ahead of me to earn respect and to show I can make a successful blog.

Craig out.  :-)