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25 Must-Have Resources NEW Sitefinity Developers Need






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Sitefinity 12.1 Feature: Built-in User-Friendly Routing For MVC Widgets

In the past, if you wanted to filter a list of content by category or tags you would be required to put tags or categories widget onto the page. In this example, I have a category, tags, and News widget on this page. I have five news items tagged and categorized and only two news items can display per page.

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What Is A Sitefinity License?

If you’re new to Sitefinity you’ll quickly learn that in order to use Sitefinity you’re going to need a license file. That license file determines what you can access inside of Sitefinity and what you can do.

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25 Must-Have Resources NEW Sitefinity Developers Need

25 Must-Have Resources NEW Sitefinity Developers Need

If your doing Sitefinity development, here are 25 resources I use almost every day when I am developing Sitefinity websites. Just enter your name and email and we will send it over to your right away.

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